Student opportunities 

HealthCareSupportLinks UK are now offering student opportunities. We understand how difficult it can be to get into the healthcare sector and have set up a new scheme in order to support students into these roles. The student scheme is set up to support students not only through college education but also through University and later years. 

The scheme is exclusive to students from Lincolnshire and is designed to support students by providing training, experience and of course financial support. The scheme is open to any student age 18 and over who live or study within Lincolnshire. The scheme works by providing students with flexible work based around your studies and even if you decide to leave Lincolnshire for higher education we will endeavour to look for work regardless where you decide to go.

In order to apply simply enter your name and details of your current educational status including if you are planning on heading to University (including where you are heading).

Students on this scheme will be provided competitive pay rates, however if you are under 18 we may still be able to support you by finding suitable work experience and training to support you forward with your career endeavours. 

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Galloway

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